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Sweetly Wild After Dark

At Sweetly Wild we understand that kids are not the only people who like cupcakes. Grown-ups have been known to eat a cupcake or two. Sweetly Wild has a whole line of treats made with ingredients like Irish cream, bourbon and whiskey. Perfect for date night, football parties or get togethers with friends. So put the kids to bed, dim the lights and get ready for some adult flavors.

Bourbon Cream Truffles
The rich flavor of bourbon is a perfect partner to chocolate.

PatronUs TrufflesPatronus Truffles
Made with Patron XO Cafe tequila. Eat enough of them and you will be able to cast a peacock to ward off dementors. (this statement has not been tested)

Baileys Chocolate TruffleBaileys Chocolate Truffles
Your favorite Irish Cream mixed with chocolate, heavy cream and dusted with cocoa powder. I would oreder a couple for the road and a friend.

Limoncello Truffles
Made from the intensely lemon-flavored liqueur and dipped in white chocolate.

Irish Pub Crawl CupcakesIrish Pubcrawls
You know a cupcake is going to be good when the first ingredient is a cup of Guinness Stout. A chocolate Guinness cupcake with Jameson's dark chocolate ganache filling and topped with Bailey's Irish Cream buttercream frosting. Slainte!

Jack and Cake
Sweetly Wild's new flavor combination made it's debut in this groom's cake. Yes, we do groom's cakes. Combine a whiskey and cola chocolate cake with a whiskey infused frosting and you have this delicious treat. Also available in cupcake form.

Island Delights
Coconut/Pineapple cake infused with Rum topped with Pineapple Buttercream frosting

Chocolate ChaChaChas
Chocolate cake with Jalepenos topped with our tequila lime buttercream frosting. It's spicy but not like eewhh spicy. A fiesta in every cake.

Dessert Cakes

Sweetly Wild adds two new cakes to our dessert line of cakes. We have perfected our Opera Cream and Tiramisu cakes. These  would be perfect for an someone who does not want one of our custom themed creations. The wow factor of these cakes does not come from the fun designs, it comes from the rich flavors. 

Opera Cream Cake
Chocolate, chocolate chip cake is brushed with coffee brandy liqueur, filled with opera cream frosting and bathed in chocolate ganache and shaved chocolate. Image  

Tiramisu Cake 
Vanilla cake soaked in an espresso/kahlua syrup filled with a classic mascarpone cheese filling, sprinkled with chocolate and covered in a kahlua whipped cream frosting. It is then decorated  with espresso soaked ladyfingers and chocolate shavings. Image


Birthday Cake Flavor

Cake FlavorsI was listening to the radio the other day, and the commentators were talking about the new food flavor trend going around. It was not some exotic flavor like jasmine, corriander or cardamon. It was not some crazy combination like chocolate covered bacon, which I need to try, or deep fried twinkies, which are overrated. No, it is something we all know and love, the birthday cake, and, more specifically, birthday cake flavored products.

A whole glut of products have recently hit the market branded as birthday cake flavor. Birthday cake oreo, Good Humor birthday cake bars, Pinnacle Cake Vodka and, just in time for Easter 2014, Party Cake Peeps. These products are being sold as your basic vanilla birthday cake. How do you turn the vanilla ice cream in a Good Humor bar into a birthday cake? Branding, that's how! Make a vanilla flavored vodka and call it cake. Let them drink cake.

What really puzzles us at Sweetly Wild is the question, what exactly is "Birthday Cake" flavor? You would think we would know. I mean, we have made a few birthday cakes, right? The difficulty lies in the fact that ANY flavor can be labeled birthday cake flavor as long as it's one the birthday girl or boy likes! For example, my favorite cake flavor is "strawberry", my husband's is "pumpkin spice", my daughter's is "lemon blueberry" and my son's is "chocolate." So, following my previous line of reasoning, ALL of these flavors could be considered "birthday cake flavor!" Whether it is the "traditional" yellow cake, red velvet, chocolate jalepeno or lemon cake with lemon buttercream, there is nothing traditional about our cakes. We keep experimenting with non-traditional flavors like the latest in our Sweetly Wild After Dark Line, the Jack and Cake.

It really doesn't matter what you consider "Birthday Cake" flavor. At Sweetly Wild the one flavor you won't get is the boxed cake flavor. Our cakes are made from scratch and are as individual as the birthday boy or girl.