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Wedding CakeAs the calendar turns to November, we look around and see all the signs of the next big holiday, Christmas. People tend to ignore Thanksgiving. We, at Sweetly Wild, are no different. For the November blog article, we are going to talk weddings.

Weddings during certain periods of history seem to look alike. They follow the trends of the day. Why do trends in weddings happen? It could be wedding planners pushing certain style ideas, the media running stories about different trends, bridesmaids getting ideas from their friends weddings, or trends going viral in the blogosphere. Whatever the cause, here are some wedding trends we have picked up on.


The Desert Bar. Instead of having a large wedding cake that feeds everyone, couples are having a small cake for themselves and having a dessert spread for their guests. Their guests can pick and choose what they want. Our Buckeyes, Truffles, Coconutties and Chocolate Covered Caramels would look great on your desert bar.


The Late Night Snack. This is serving a late night snack before the reception ends. Your guests can create a appetite after all that dancing. Give them a little something sweet in a customized  box or decorative glass for the road.

Grooms Cake
We have been getting more requests for grooms cakes lately. What is a grooms cake? Grooms cakes have their roots in the South. This cake can be served at either the rehearsal dinner or next to the wedding cake at the reception. It is usually a reflection of the groom's personality. Just like the wedding rehearsal is not as formal as the wedding,  grooms cakes are more fun and playful. Our celebration cakes would be perfect for this kind of cake. Our Basset Hound, Burrito and Unicycle cakes are good examples of what a grooms cake could be.

Wedding Timeline
Now some people might be asking us why are you talking about weddings in November? Shouldn't you be bringing this up in April or May? Most brides are planning their wedding 12 months out and are thinking about the cake 6-8 months out. November is the perfect time for brides and grooms to go out and taste test different cake flavors. If you are interested in Sweetly Wild providing cakes, cupcakes or confections for your wedding or rehearsal dinner, call Angela Pascale at 513-248-0637.

Raffle Mania

Raffle TicketsIt's almost Rafflemania time! What is Rafflemania, you ask? For one, it's a great night to get out with your friends and help raise money for Milford area charities the first Tuesday of every month. It's also an opportunity to win awesome prizes from local direct sale vendors such as Tastefully Simple, Avon, Premiere Designs, Miche and many more. Most importantly, it's a great way to meet Sweetly Wild's owner Angela Pascale and try out Sweetly Wild treats at a steal. Imagine getting a dozen Turtle Cupcakes (a $36 value) for only .50 cents?

Here's how it all works. You purchase a paddle number for $2 and then bidding tickets for .25 cents each. You bid on items from direct sale vendors that range in value from 1 - 4 tickets. Each item is shown and a description is read. You place the appropriate number of tickets in the collection bucket. If your paddle number is drawn, you win the item! There are anywhere from 50 - 80 items up for raffle each month. The more you bid, the more opportunities you have to win. You can also participate in split-the-pot! The August Rafflemania is a special one. In addition to the vendor items, you may also win an extra item. It's our BOGO month. This raffle almost always sells out beforehand. I have 5 tickets left. If you want to come, contact me ASAP!

The August Rafflemania will take place August 6th at the Day Heights Memorial Firefighters Hall, 1313 St Route 131, Milford, OH 45150. Doors open at 6pm and bidding starts at 7pm. Food will be available for purchase. Contact me, Angela Pascale at 513-248-0637 or by e-mail at to get your ticket!

New Cupcakes:
Butterscotch Delights and
The Turtle

SSweetly Wild MemeAt Sweetly Wild, we are always experimenting with new flavors. For our owner Angela's birthday, we created a lovely butterscotch cake based on the famous Three Broomsticks drink - Butterbeer. This was entirely appropriate as the cake WAS a Harry Potter themed extravganza (see cake here). We would later take this cake and turn it into our Butterscotch Delight Cupcake. As for the Turtle Cupcake, who would not want to experiment with the bakers holy trinity ( or at least, Angela's holy trinity) of homemade salted carmel, chocolate and roasted pecans? Can I hear an AMEN!

The Turtle Cupcake - A moist and rich chocolate cake filled with a salted carmel and toasted pecan filling. The cupcake is then generously topped with a carmel infused vanilla buttercream frosting, a whole toasted pecan, and then, drizzled with both salted carmel and melted chocolate.

Butterscotch Delights – a butterscotch cupcake filled with a butterscotch coconut pecan filling and topped with a butterscotch buttercream frosting , chopped nuts and drizzled with butterscotch ganache.

Oredering a Cake:
The Sweetly Wild Way

SSweetly Wild MemeBy reading this blog I can tell that you are interested in our cakes. You have been to the cakes page and loved all the creative things we do with cake and frosting. You have a special event coming up and want to save yourself time and aggravation by having Sweetly Wild make the cake for you. Great. Here are some things you need to know when calling us.

One major thing you should know is the theme of the party. Is it a kids birthday party that should have a Thomas The Tank Engine theme? If you have read our award winning blog "Copyrights and Cakes" you will know that we can't put Thomas, Henry or Lady on your cake. We can give the cake the look and feel of Thomas and you can put the figures on when you get it home. We love the challenge of making a cake have the look and feel of a Disney movie without breaking any copyrights and getting sued by the Disney lawyers.

Knowing the number of people at the party is almost as important. How many servings you will need determines the size of your cake. If you are serving 30 people, we can do one large layer or a couple of tiers. It's also one of the factors used in calculating the cost of your cake.

Your budget will also effect you cake. If you don't have a lot of money to spend, we can make you a simple yet stylish and delicious dessert cake. If you want to make a statement with your cake, we can go wild like we did with our son's tank cake. We put a working motor in it and made the turret spin. We want to put lights in one of our cakes, if your budget allows it of course.

The day and time you need to pick up the cake is obviously important. This will effect what kind of cake we can make for you. Our basic dessert cake will take 2 days for us to made for you. If you are looking to go wild with one of our carved cakes, these will take a minimum of five days.

Youth Sports Parties

Soccer Trophy CakeIt is the time of the year for spring sports to wrap up. The kids have been giving it their all and now they deserve a party. What kind of party would it be without some kind of sweet treat to eat. Being parents, we have seen our share of parties and have made creative youth sports themed cakes.

Our first youth sports themed cake was for our daughters soccer team, The Green Grasshoppers. This was a great cake for us to practice a couple of new things, as we do with most of the cakes we do for ourselves. One was using a ball pan to make the soccer ball. Another technique we used was making figures out of chocolate. We were able to make a mold out of food sake putty, fill it with colored chocolate and let it cool. We were able to use this same technique when making figures and bricks for our son's lego birthday cake.

The next year, our daughter's team won their division. To celebrate this we created a trophy cake. We used the ball pan again to create the soccer ball. We also used a lot of non eatable material than we would normally use.

Shark CupcakesWe have not done any cakes for our kids sports teams in a while, but we have done a few for our Sweetly Wild friends. We did a really simple and cleaver one for the Blue Sharks soccer team. We made blue and white frosting to represent the water and a fondant shark fin on top. The kids loved them. As I type this we need to make cupcakes for the Green Gator Dragons. Whatever we come up with , I am sure it will be fun.

If you are looking for a great dessert for your team's end of season party, give us a call. We can design some cupcakes or a cake to match your team mascot. If you want to be different, order some f our confections. A Grand Ball of chocolate truffles, buckeyes, mint chocolate truffles, chocolate covered caramel, coconuties or date balls would be very sweet.

April 2013
Sweet Stories: Caramels

Chocolate Covered CaramelsHow do we come up with new products at Sweetly Wild? Sometimes it is with experimenting with different flavor combinations. We have done well with this trial and error type of creating. New cupcakes like the Irish Pub Crawl, the King and the Red Velvet cupcakes have come from this method. Another way is by client request. The birth of the chocolate covered caramels came from a client request.

We had a request for an Ohio State themed 30th birthday party cake. We thought it would be great to make a necklace out of our buckeye candies. Ohio State fans would immediatly know what this is. There was one catch, the peanut butter. Someone at the party was alergic to peanuts. We decided to replace the peanut butter centers with caramels. Since they are close to the same color we thought it would be perfect. We had never made caramels before, but with a little trial and error, we came up with a delicious new treat.

The moral of the story is that for every problem there is an opportunity.

To Be Continued...

March 2013
Copyrights and Cakes

Copyright CupcakeWe get a lot of requests for cakes made with copyright characters like Mickey Mouse, Hulk or Transformers. Now, these kind of cakes would be fun to do, and we could make them look great. The problem comes when the Disney lawyers find that we have infringed on their copyright. Disney is serious about protecting their brands and the profits they generate. The Marvel division alone generated 6 billion in retail merchandising sales in 2011. The minimum fine for copyright infringement is $2,500. That would be one expensive cake.

There is nothing wrong with making a Mickey Mouse cake. You can buy cake decorating kits for licensed characters and make them for you own personal use. That is perfectly legal. It is a different story, however, if you wanted to then sell the cakes made from these pans. That will get you in trouble. Especially, if you brag about it.

How does a commercial baker avoid the wrath of Disney? Avoid selling any cakes with copy-written characters, logos, and phrases is the easiest way. Another way is to make a cake that goes along with the party theme, and have the client put figurines on the cake when they get it home. We did this for our daughter 5th birthday cake, where the ocean cake is transformed into a Little Mermaid cake. Just recently, we made a cake for a "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" party. The stand alone cake has no reference to the show. Only when the cake is taken home and decorated with figurines (purchased by the customer elsewhere) does it become a "Jake" cake.

If you have a Disney or Marvel themed party, we can work with you to make a cake that will both fit into the theme, and not get us sued at the same time. This is the kind of challenge we like. We can use our creativity to make a cake your child will be amazed with. Give us a call for your next amazing cake.

February 2013
Sweet Stories

This month we are starting a new feature for the Sweetly Wild blog. We are going to revisit some of our cakes and give a little more of their backstory. Certain creations we do that stand out for one purpose of another. For this month we are going to appropriately revisit a cake we call, creatively enough, The Heart Cake.

Chocolate Covered StrawberriesThe process of making starts out in relatively the same process. A potential customer calls up wanting a cake for an event of some sort. We talk about the theme of the event, how many servings, flavors and any ideas they may have for what they want the cake to look like. We then provide them with a sketch. Once we have their approval, we go on from there. Sometimes, our clients make it easy for us. The designer of this cake was a darling 5 year old little girl who knew exactly what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday party and had no qualms telling us about it! She wanted a chocolate heart shape cake with a big 5 on it and lots of hearts. After sending her the sketch we asked if she wanted her name or happy birthday on it. She stated that she definitely did not want that anywhere on the cake. I like a girl who knows exactly what she wants!

Angela Pascale